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I’ve worked with many industry writers over the years, but Brian McFadden stands out as one of the best. He constantly produces interesting topics and articles that I look forward to reading. I’ve been a lifter for 30 years, and have edited thousands of submissions, so this says a lot about Brian’s ideas. – Steve Shaw, Editorial Director, TigerFitness.com


It’s easy to spot the passion, experience, and knowledge all intertwined in Brian’s outstanding writing.  He delivers a fun and enjoyable perspective backed by concrete facts for a thought-provoking read in each article. -Pete Spenuzza, CEO, Rise Bar


To say Brian is an expert or an authority on the health & fitness lifestyle would be a massive understatement. If you want consistent and quality advice about how to live a better life and become your ‘best self’ look no further than where you are now.” -Cody Chapman, Owner, Audacity Athletics

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